Wideokonferencja – 14.02.2022

Plan wideokonferencji:

After welcoming and short discussion regarding Covid-19 situation and about possibility of submitting a new Erasmus + project application, partners discussed the dates of the next meetings. Dates for LTTA and remaining TPMs were agreed by partners as follows:

  • LTTA in Sofia: 27-29/04/2022 (working days)
  • TPM in Kraków: 11-12/07/2022 (working days)
  • TPM – Final Meeting in Sitia: 12-13/09/2022 (working days)

During project it is planned to have a mobility training for educators from each partner in which the topic will be education of 60+ people, education approaches and methods. Each partner will send 2 participants – educators, for 3 days long learning activities, additional 2 days for travelling should be envisaged. Training will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria and hosted by Bulgarian partner.

DAY 1 (draft) – Social engagement, community building. – Workshop: Theatre in adult education. Theatre of the oppressed. – Workshop: Creative education implementation. Biographical narrative method – in order to bring participants closer to each other and to deeper their understanding of the other party. The whole workshop is concluded by participants sharing their impressions, lessons learned and recommendations for further improvement of the exercise. – Working on ready scenarios. Writing own scenarios.

DAY 2 (draft) Exchange of good practices and exchange of methodology between participants (each one is giving and receiving competences) – How to use the potential of non-governmental organizations and libraries in education of 60+ people (Romanian educators) – How to use cultural activities and soft skills training for the benefit of seniors (Bulgarian educators) – How to use social media and Internet in a safe way (Spainish educators) – Memory training and mind exercises for seniors (Polish educators) – Videoconferencing as a tool of communication especially in the era of pandemics (Greece educators)

DAY 3 (draft) – Social engagement, community building. Roleplaying game. – Digital storytelling for social inclusion. Community stories. – Workshop: Mistakes and problem solving. Forum Theatre. – Workshop: Mistakes and problem solving. 4 islands. The method to is used to develop critical and creative reflection regarding integration, minority, majority, human right, cultural diversity. – Workshop: Making bread, arts and friends. Bread therapy and methodology.

Detailed Agenda for the LTTA will be prepared by Bulgarian Partner.