Międzynarodowe Spotkanie Partnerów Projektu w Grecji, Sitia, 12-13 Wrzesień 2022

Host organization: Politistikos Laografikos Syllogos Palekastrou „Itanos”, Greece

Venue: Karamanli 4, Sitia

The 4 th. Transnational meeting was successfully completed in Sitia, Greece. The meeting was attended by representatives from all partners from 5 European countries – Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Poland, and Greece.


Międzynarodowe Spotkanie Partnerów Projektu w Polsce, Kraków, 11-12 Lipiec 2022

Host organization: Fundacja Edukacja i Media, Poland

Venue: Kraków, Miodowa 16

The 3 rd. Transnational meeting was successfully completed in Kraków, Poland. The meeting was attended by representatives from all partners from 5 European countries – Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Greece, and Poland.


LTTA – Krótkoterminowe wspólne szkolenie kadry, Sofia, Bulgaria, 27-29 April 2022

Host organization: Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development, 2300 Pernik, Bulgaria;

Venue: 28 Denkoglu street, fl.1, Sofia, Bulgaria

Krótkoterminowe wspólne szkolenie personelu (Short term joint staff training event) w ramach projektu „Aktywni poprzez edukację” zostało pomyślnie zakończone w Sofii w dniach 27-29 kwietnia 2022 r.

W działaniu „Uczenie się, nauczanie, szkolenie” [LTTA] wzięli udział edukatorzy osób dorosłych z 3 krajów europejskich – Polski, Rumunii i Bułgarii (kraj goszczący). Hiszpańscy i greccy uczestnicy nie mogli podróżować z powodu Covid-19.



Wideokonferencja – 14.02.2022

Plan wideokonferencji:

After welcoming and short discussion regarding Covid-19 situation and about possibility of submitting a new Erasmus + project application, partners discussed the dates of the next meetings. Dates for LTTA and remaining TPMs were agreed by partners as follows:

  • LTTA in Sofia: 27-29/04/2022 (working days)
  • TPM in Kraków: 11-12/07/2022 (working days)
  • TPM – Final Meeting in Sitia: 12-13/09/2022 (working days)

During project it is planned to have a mobility training for educators from each partner in which the topic will be education of 60+ people, education approaches and methods. Each partner will send 2 participants – educators, for 3 days long learning activities, additional 2 days for travelling should be envisaged. Training will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria and hosted by Bulgarian partner.

DAY 1 (draft) – Social engagement, community building. – Workshop: Theatre in adult education. Theatre of the oppressed. – Workshop: Creative education implementation. Biographical narrative method – in order to bring participants closer to each other and to deeper their understanding of the other party. The whole workshop is concluded by participants sharing their impressions, lessons learned and recommendations for further improvement of the exercise. – Working on ready scenarios. Writing own scenarios.

DAY 2 (draft) Exchange of good practices and exchange of methodology between participants (each one is giving and receiving competences) – How to use the potential of non-governmental organizations and libraries in education of 60+ people (Romanian educators) – How to use cultural activities and soft skills training for the benefit of seniors (Bulgarian educators) – How to use social media and Internet in a safe way (Spainish educators) – Memory training and mind exercises for seniors (Polish educators) – Videoconferencing as a tool of communication especially in the era of pandemics (Greece educators)

DAY 3 (draft) – Social engagement, community building. Roleplaying game. – Digital storytelling for social inclusion. Community stories. – Workshop: Mistakes and problem solving. Forum Theatre. – Workshop: Mistakes and problem solving. 4 islands. The method to is used to develop critical and creative reflection regarding integration, minority, majority, human right, cultural diversity. – Workshop: Making bread, arts and friends. Bread therapy and methodology.

Detailed Agenda for the LTTA will be prepared by Bulgarian Partner.


Międzynarodowe Spotkanie Partnerów Projektu w Hiszpanii, Barcelona 11-12.01.2022

Host organization: M&M Profuture Training, S.L., Spain;

Venue: Carrer Albert Einstein, 47-49, 08940 Cornella de Llobregat, Barcelona

The 2 nd. Transnational meeting was successfully completed in Barcelona, Spain between the 11-12th of January 2022. The meeting was attended by representatives from partners from 4 European countries – Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Spain (the hosting country).The Greek participants were not able to travel because of Covid-19 restrictions.

During the meeting, the progress of the project was discussed, including the issues of:

  • Brief summary about the implementation of the project in each partner country
  • Educational events at local level (workshops, course, seminar) for senior learners with the result of growing their skills (presentation by all partners)
  • Project website
  • Dissemination and promotion activities 

On the second day, social programme: culture activities and sightseeing of the Montjuic Castle was organized by Spanish host. Through a guided tour, partners had the opportunity to get familiar with culture and history of Barcelona.

Finally, Project Management issues were presented by coordinator. The project’s progress was evaluated and future steps were planned and decided.


Wideokonferencja – 11.11.2021

Spotkanie było poświęcone podsumowaniu pierwszego roku realizacji projektu „Aktywni poprzez edukację”

Plan wideokonferencji:


Międzynarodowe Spotkanie Partnerów Projektu w Rumunii, Braila 10-11.08.2021

Host: Asociatia Initiativa Cetatenilor Seniori , Romania

Uczestnicy:  Polish(2) , Bulgarian(2) and Romanian(2); the Spanish and Greek  participants were not able to travel but on-line session was ensured.

Video – Meeting and Braila old city tour     https://youtu.be/RoZp9PUXrGA 


The agenda covered 2 days and included indoor activities in the morning and outdoor activities in the afternoon and a one hour online session with the partners who could not travel because of Covid.

In day 1, the morning session included a reminder of the project work plan, schedules, goals   and expected results by the project coordinator;  a presentation by the Romanian Partenr of the library involvement in adult education activities, seniors included as well as a library tour to exemplify services, venues and equipment supporting multicultural community work. 

The afternoon outdoor activities included a boat trip to the wetlands –Natural park  of braila for  the team to learn about the natural heritage of Braila .

Day 2, the mornig session included steps into teh preparation of the learning mobility for educators (LTTA). The Bulgarian partner, BASD,  detailed the practical learning activities to be organized at Sofia, a presentation of the Europass mobility certficate; a presentation and discussion, remarks and proposed changes  to the the questionnaire concerning the learning needs of educators of 60+ people.

On-line session  covered for 1 hour the  project dissemination and promotion activities with the M&M Profuture Training, S.L. from Spain who could not travel because of Covid pandemic.

The afternoon session included the guided tour of the old city covering multicultural and historical issues, old stories and legends usually attended by seniors encouraged to share their own memories to add to the guided tour.  Greek, Jewish, Orthodox churches  were visited to give an understanding of the multicultural heart of Braila;  the architecture of old  buildings from 19th and begining of 20th centuries was emphasized, and a tour of  the local theatre, to exemplify the art nouveau monument freshly refurbished. 

Adult Education  in the public library – skills and competences shared  https://youtu.be/-gVE3zIvehs


Międzynarodowe Spotkanie Partnerów Projektu – wideokonferencja 18.03.2021

Spotkanie to było drugim spotkaniem online, po oficjalnym rozpoczęciu projektu, w którym uczestniczyli partnerzy. Celem spotkania było przedstawienie planu działań w projekcie oraz przedyskutowanie pomysłów związanych z jego realizacją.

Plan wideokonferencji

Official welcome to transnational partners of the project  
Presentation of participants.  Short presentation of all partners’ organizations. (PowerPoint or PDF presentations) – all partners  
Presentation of the „ Active through education” project   (EduMedia)
Planned project activities and tasks. Determining the role of each partner. Gantt chart. Financing issues. Conditions for the eligibility of costs. (EduMedia)
Dissemination Plan (M&M Profuture Training, S.L.) Dissemination and promotion activities in each partner country
(actions, target audience, persons in charge, tools)  
Quality, Monitoring & Evaluation (BASD)  
Communication (all partners)
Comments of experts who assessed the project application (EduMedia)
The issue of analysis of the needs of educators of people 60+ (all partners)  
Planning of 2nd transnational meeting in Romania – summer 2021 (?)   Brief information from each partner country about COVID-19 situation, about chances of vaccination of project participants and including also the issues: – chances for organizing TPM and LTTA in the year 2021 – travelling and participation in TPMs (in person)  
Introduction to the work to be carried out by the Partners prior to the second project meeting – acording to the Project Work Plan (EduMedia)
Debate and Q&A session. Conclusions.