Kick-off Meeting – videoconference 18.03.2021

This meeting was actually the second one after the oficial start of the project gathering of partners involved. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the project ideas and implementation plan.

Videoconference schedule

Official welcome to transnational partners of the project  
Presentation of participants.  Short presentation of all partners’ organizations. (PowerPoint or PDF presentations) – all partners  
Presentation of the „ Active through education” project   (EduMedia)
Planned project activities and tasks. Determining the role of each partner. Gantt chart. Financing issues. Conditions for the eligibility of costs. (EduMedia)
Dissemination Plan (M&M Profuture Training, S.L.) Dissemination and promotion activities in each partner country
(actions, target audience, persons in charge, tools)  
Quality, Monitoring & Evaluation (BASD)  
Communication (all partners)
Comments of experts who assessed the project application (EduMedia)
The issue of analysis of the needs of educators of people 60+ (all partners)  
Planning of 2nd transnational meeting in Romania – summer 2021 (?)   Brief information from each partner country about COVID-19 situation, about chances of vaccination of project participants and including also the issues: – chances for organizing TPM and LTTA in the year 2021 – travelling and participation in TPMs (in person)  
Introduction to the work to be carried out by the Partners prior to the second project meeting – acording to the Project Work Plan (EduMedia)
Debate and Q&A session. Conclusions.