Transnational Project Meeting in Braila, Romania, 10-11 August 2021

Host organization: Asociatia Initiativa Cetatenilor Seniori , Romania

Participants:  Polish(2) , Bulgarian(2) and Romanian(2) participants; the Spanish and Greek  participants were not able to travel but on-line session was ensured.

Video – Meeting and Braila old city tour


  • reminder of the project coordinates
  • illustrating library potential for in the education of 60+ people
  • learning about local multiculturality of the town and natural haritage
  • planning the next prject stepts and the LLTA 


The agenda covered 2 days and included indoor activities in the morning and outdoor activities in the afternoon and a one hour online session with the partners who could not travel because of Covid.

In day 1, the morning session included a reminder of the project work plan, schedules, goals   and expected results by the project coordinator;  a presentation by the Romanian Partenr of the library involvement in adult education activities, seniors included as well as a library tour to exemplify services, venues and equipment supporting multicultural community work. 

The afternoon outdoor activities included a boat trip to the wetlands –Natural park  of braila for  the team to learn about the natural heritage of Braila .

Day 2, the mornig session included steps into teh preparation of the learning mobility for educators (LTTA). The Bulgarian partner, BASD,  detailed the practical learning activities to be organized at Sofia, a presentation of the Europass mobility certficate; a presentation and discussion, remarks and proposed changes  to the the questionnaire concerning the learning needs of educators of 60+ people.

On-line session  covered for 1 hour the  project dissemination and promotion activities with the M&M Profuture Training, S.L. from Spain who could not travel because of Covid pandemic.

The afternoon session included the guided tour of the old city covering multicultural and historical issues, old stories and legends usually attended by seniors encouraged to share their own memories to add to the guided tour.  Greek, Jewish, Orthodox churches  were visited to give an understanding of the multicultural heart of Braila;  the architecture of old  buildings from 19th and begining of 20th centuries was emphasized, and a tour of  the local theatre, to exemplify the art nouveau monument freshly refurbished. 

Adult Education  in the public library – skills and competences shared

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