About the Project

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for adult education – Exchange of Good Practices

Name of the project:

Active through education

Project ID


Duration of the project

22 months: 01.12.2020 – 30.09.2022


The main goal of the „Active through education” project is to improve the methods of teaching people aged 60+, based on proven methods of education in Europe and active aging.

As a result of long-term cooperation, we will develop proposals for trainers and staff of NGOs and other institutions which provide non-formal and/or informal education for senior citizens.

The project implementation is divided in two phases:

1st phase

It will be dedicated to research, finding information and developing ideas related to the different didactic methods. At the end of this period a Short term training event (LTTA) for adult educators will be organized.

Teaching methods that will be practiced during the project and shared during LTTA include:

  • How to use the potential of non-governmental organizations and libraries in education of 60+ people;
  • How to use cultural activities and soft skills training for the benefit of seniors – theatre of the oppressed, biographic narrative interviews, bread therapy, etc.;
  • How to use social media and Internet in a safe way;
  • Memory training and mind exercises for seniors;
  • Videoconferencing as a tool of communication especially in the era of pandemics.

2nd phase

We will dedicate time to examining each method, adapting and implementing the different methods into our ongoing trainings. We will encourage teachers to try some of the ideas proposed.

Then, choose one of the methods according to their teaching style, adapt it to their learners and organization environment and bear in mind that some methods apply to some subjects better than others. The results will be positive, because “trying” is always a good start.